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Hello, and welcome

My name is Lance and I am a freelance fantasy illustrator and character designer living in Michigan. My aim is to provide detail-rich illustration assets for the game and book publishing industries as well as private commissions. I also recently started sharing more of my process with an education focus on my Patreon. I’ve created artwork for tabletop games, adventure books, conventions, for companies such as Paizo Publishing, Legendary Games, Minotaur Games, and TPK Games.

My Illustration & Inspiration

My art is characterized by its richly detailed characters and vivid colorful nature all working together to capture the attention of potential readers and players. When it comes to art drawing is my first love ever since I was a young child with dreams of being a traditional animator and I am still in pursuit of the perfect linework. 

Being a bibliophile all my life I constantly have a stack of books I’m reading and draw a lot of inspiration from my reading. I also aim to travel whenever possible and pull inspiration from my many travels both near and far. Especially when it comes to character design there is such a deep well to draw from when it comes to the different cultures around the world. And yes I am rocking my Christmas Pikachu shirt in this shot while working on a large scale oil private commission.

Fantasy & Conventions

I love the fantasy genre with its deep histories, mythical creatures, epic quests, and brave adventurers. My art gives me a vehicle through which I can hopefully transport my viewers into these amazing worlds. While most all of my art creation happens in my studio I do travel to conventions a few times a year to exhibit, sell my artworks, and connect with art fans face to face. Or I can always be found online on Instagram or on my Pateon.

This Year's Adventure

IlluxCon Showcase

Reading, PA
Oct 2023

Support The Art

Patreon gives me a platform to interact with and share my art journey with my supporters and gives them an opportunity to support my artwork directly. My Patrons get access to exclusive art content and other rewards.

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