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Frequently Asked Questions

Freelance & Commission Artwork

Do you do private commissions?

Yes! And my commission list is currently open. I aim to accommodate a breadth of budgets from smaller character busts, to single character illustrations, going up to adventure party paintings, up to full blown large scale traditional oil paintings.

For more info on my private commissions rates & types click HERE

Here is a tutorial walk-through of my private commission process

Do you take on freelance work?

Yes, absolutely! Freelance illustration work is how I make my living. I usually try to schedule projects 3 months out, but that is only the ideal as different industries have different time windows from a couple weeks to months. If you feel like my artwork would be a good fit for your project/product I can be contacted at:

Art / Inspiration

What do you draw with? Paper? Programs? Art materials, etc?

Lately at the recommendation of a mentor I’ve been drawing with mechanical pencils for my final lineart (Koh-I-Noor Rapidomatics). I use Prismacolor Col-erase for under-drawings. My favorite papers is Strathmore Smooth Comic Bristol from BlueLinePro, been using it for years; wonderfully smooth surface for drawing really fine details. For digital painting I used a wacom and PS for years; in the last year I switched over to using an IPad Pro with Procreate and am loving it. For oils I paint on wood usually birch or press board with matte medium and Utrecht brand paints.

What is your favorite art books?

I’m always adding to my collection. Some of my more recent acquisitions are: ‘ReChild’ by Zeen Chin’; really jiving with his use of Asian symbology, mythology, and surrealism. ‘The Art of Andrea Confrancesco’ been a fan of his work ever since I found him on IG. Love the square format of the book since I myself have been working in the square format as of late. Lastly ‘Junky’ by Guillaume Singelin. Absolutely loved his graphic novel ‘PTSD’ and so had to pick up this gem of a book dedicated to his drawings. Ask my in a month and I’ll have other books X).

Favorite book(s)?

If ever there was a loaded question…I love to read. I love books. Love to surround myself with books. A few that return to over and over are ‘DeerSkin’ and ‘Chalice’ by Robin Mckinley as well as ‘The Hobb’s Bargain’ by Patricia Briggs. These are nice well paced fantasy stores great for those nice reading breaks where I just want to relax and not get caught up in too much drama that many modern fantasy books love. I’ve read these books many times over and never get tired of their stories.

Art Shop

What do you charge for shipping?

US Flat Rate Prints & Merch = $8.00
US Flat Rate  Original Art = $12.00
International Flat Rate = $25.00
All packages shipped via USPS Priority Mail or  USPS First Class International

*If USPS will ship to your country I will try to ship to you. If you are uncertain please contact me with your questions.
*Please allow anywhere from 2-5 weeks + for international shipping depending on your country. For more info check out via the link above.

When will my order go out?

It is just myself in the studio making artwork, managing the store, and processing all the orders. I aim to ship out orders every Friday, sometimes sooner if my schedule allows.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. If USPS will ship to your country I will try to ship to you. If you are uncertain please contact me with your questions.

*See shipping rates above.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, I use Paypal to handle all transactions through my store. Paypal allows the use of most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, as well as Visa or Mastercard check/debit cards.

What is your return policy?

If you have an issue please contact me. Returns will be determined on a case by case basis. The buyer is responsible for any additional shipping costs associated with a return