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As an artist, it is critical that we always be seeking to level-up our skills. Here are a few educational resources I offer:
-Patreon monthly subscription where you can see my current work and gain a deeper insight into my artist practice
-Live Zoom drawing programs for libraries
-Mini art course(s) on Gumroad

While I did go to art school (College for Creative Studies in Detroit), much of my later art education came from other artists, especially tutorials they had available on their sites. So, in paying it forward there are also a few free key tutorials on how I work as an illustrator. These may change over time as I grow along my artist journey.

Character Drawing Library Program

Library Programs:

I offer Live Zoom drawing programs designed to inspire kids and teens encouraging them to their creativity and cultivate a love for drawing

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Learn More & Support the Art

Become a Member on Patreon. Gain Access to monthly Illustration Process Guides, WIP shots, and more from the artist.

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Mini Art Courses

Currently Being Refreshed!
Will update once everything is completed.

Private Commission Walkthrough

A Step-by-Step guide walking you through my private commission process from first contact to final delivery of the artwork.

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Preparing a Traditional Drawing for Digital Paint

A tutorial on how I clean, scan, and prepare my traditional drawings for the digital canvas using channels, levels, and other tools.

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Working with Clients

Here I’ll take you through an actual freelance art commission and what I consider when working with clients; namely how to make the process as smooth as possible for your clients.


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Do you wish to learn more, go deeper, interact with me more beyond these articles here ?

I invite you to join me on Patreon where I release new content every month for my supporters including process guides, drawings, and WIP shots.

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